Sit a Spell: February 2020

Sit a Spell: February 2020

Happy Friday, y’all! I’m so glad you’ve returned for the February 2020 edition of Sit a Spell! My morning is off to a great start. I hope yours is too. I’m sitting here with a mug of lemon lavender tea, thinking about how different February was from the last several months. Instead of rushing from one activity to another, we’ve been lazy around the house. I don’t know about the rest of the fam, but I really needed it. I feel replenished.

Let’s Sit a Spell and Chat

I say it was a lazy month, but I made a lot of changes to the site over the last few weeks. Besides tweaking the layout, I purchased an SSL to encrypt website data, new images are up, and blog post notifications are being sent out to subscribers. When I wasn’t working on all of that, I was building social media accounts. So if you haven’t done it yet, make sure you subscribe for updates and follow along on social media.

Blog Posts I Loved This Month

Though I didn’t get as many posts up as I would’ve liked this month, all the hard work is paying off. Cozy in Carolina earned a mention on Feedspot’s Top 50 Anxiety Blogs, Websites, & Influencers in 2020! I didn’t make the top 50, but came in close at 51. I’ll take it and consider it a win. If you’re looking for great content on anxiety, you should check out the post.

Speaking of posts, did you catch the People Exclusive on Caitlin Covington from Southern Curls and Pearls back in December? In the article, Caitlin opens up about her mental health and reveals she developed anxiety after achieving fame. Looking at her blog and social media accounts, you would never know she suffers from a mental illness. I think it’s incredible that she opened up about what she went through.

Caitlin followed up her interview with a post of her own, How Changing My Eating Habits Helped My Anxiety. This post made me take a look at my own habits. I’ve been working on cutting down my caffeine intake, but I haven’t made many other changes. I often skip breakfast and lunch, I eat a lot of processed foods, and I don’t drink enough water. After reading Caitlin’s post, I’m feeling inspired to make healthy changes to my diet to see how it impacts my mental health.

Caitlin Covington Quote


Binge Watching

TV isn’t really my thing. It never has been. I’m usually reading, writing, or working on a project while Brandon is absorbed in a show. This month has been different. I’ve been like an overindulgent child with my Hulu subscription. So what am I watching?

High Fidelity is one of my favorite books and movies, so I was leery of the new show. I’m not a big fan of remakes and reboots, they tend to ruin what made the original so good. That is not the case with High Fidelity! Zoe Kravitz is ah-mazing, and she does a phenomenal job bringing Rob to life on the television screen.

Cougar Town came out during a period of my life when I wasn’t watching any television, so I missed it. I watched one episode a week ago and was instantly addicted. Courtney Cox cracks me up. The Jules character is every bit as quirky and charming as Monica Gellar.

Prodigal Son is new to Fox this year. I try not to watch new shows because I hate investing my time in the plot, only to have the show get canceled. However, I made an exception for Prodigal Son. I love crime shows and was dying to see how mental illness would be depicted. I’ve been impressed so far.

Shopping For a New Tablet

I’ve watched so much TV recently because my tablet crapped out on me. There are hundreds of unread books on my tablet that I can’t access – and my nighttime routine is in shambles. It’s driving me up the wall! I’ve been looking for a replacement device for the last week. I considered getting an iPad, but I’m a little scared to pay that much for something I drag around like a paperback. I haven’t had the best experiences with Samsung, so I’m leaning towards a Kindle. What do y’all think?

Valentine’s Day

Sit a Spell: February 2020

Valentine’s Day was incredible this year. Brandon woke me up with Starbucks and orchids. Then he whisked me off to go shopping and bought me this beautiful Kate Spade bag. After shopping, we went to Bonefish for lunch. Best idea ever!! I’ll never go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day again now that I know I can avoid the crowds by opting to eat earlier.

Planning Mode

Ever since the blog launched, I’ve felt scatterbrained. Like I was forgetting something important. It triggered my anxiety, so I decided to get organized. I bought a new agenda, started using our desk calendar, and got familiar with Google calendar. I’m not sure which method I’ll be sticking with, but I’m already feeling a lot less overwhelmed.


Yesterday I joined my friend, Holly, for yoga at Embrace Studio. We took the Gentle + Restorative class, which is perfect for beginners. I loved it! I was calm and full of energy afterward. They run a special for new clients, $30 for 30 classes. If you’re into yoga, it’s a great deal.

What to Expect in March

Spring is right around the corner and our schedule will be picking up with the warmer weather. Bug starts track this month, we have some hiking trips planned, and I’ll be in yoga class every chance I get. I’m looking forward to the change of pace.

My tea is all gone and it’s time to start the day. Thanks for hanging out with me this morning! I look forward to catching up with y’all again next month.

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