How I Use Pinterest to Practice Gratitude

how to use pinterest to practice gratitude

Like many others, I was tense after lockdowns, and curfews began. I couldn’t help feeling an overwhelming sense of impending doom. It certainly didn’t help matters any that I had to be tested for autoimmune disorders at the height of COVID-19. My anxiety became so bad, I went back on antidepressants.

When the autoimmune results came back negative, I went into gratitude mode. Thankfulness radiated through me. The next morning, I woke up without anxiety. To be honest, I’ve felt good every day since. So good that I dumped the antidepressants in less than a week.

And I still feel great.

What Brought About My Current Remission?

This massive emotional shift made me wonder: am I feeling better because of the autoimmune results, or because I’m practicing gratitude?

Logic tells me it isn’t the testing that brought about this anxiety remission. Uncertainty triggers my anxiety. Though I know my skin issues aren’t from an autoimmune, I don’t know what is causing them. There are still future doctor visits and tests to be done. Even with the precariousness of my current health issue, I feel amazing. This leads me to believe all the peace I’m feeling is tied to my grateful heart instead of the test results.

The Science Behind Gratitude

This conclusion led to my next question: is it possible for gratitude to alleviate anxiety symptoms? Absolutely! Various studies have found a link between gratitude and happiness. These studies suggest the more thankful we are, the less we experience depression and anxiety.

Ways To Express Gratitude

I express gratitude in a ton of ways! 

  • prayer
  • mindfulness
  • acknowledgment (mentally & verbally)
  • journaling
  • Pinterest

How to Use Pinterest to Practice Gratitude

Pinterest? Yup. I’m a Pinterest addict. I have been for years. I use the app for literally everything. Christmas shopping? Dinner planning? Home styling? Self-care? I do it all on Pinterest.

Using Pinterest for self-care isn’t a revolutionary idea. Thousands of people use the app for the exact same thing. As a matter of fact, so many other people use it for self-care that there are over 2 billion wellness pins on Pinterest! That number grows every day, with pinners sharing everything from relaxing tea recipes to calming yoga instructionals. I use Pinterest in this way, too, with boards dedicated to both mental health and hygge. But my favorite way to use Pinterest for self-care is through a gratitude board.

What is a Gratitude Board?

how to use pinterest to practice gratitude

A gratitude board is essentially a pictorial gratitude journal. I stumbled upon this method of practicing gratitude years ago. When I first opened my Pinterest account, I created a board dedicated to my favorite things, i.e., things I’m grateful for. Today the board is appropriately titled and contains nearly 500 pins!

Why Pin Instead of Journaling?

Consistency is the key to practicing gratitude for mental health. If you’re anything like me, you love journaling – for about a week. After that, the journal gets tossed in a drawer to collect dust.

I don’t experience that problem with Pinterest. It’s on my phone and always with me. Since I’m already using the app for so many other things, it’s easy for me to remember to pin to my gratitude board.

What to Pin to a Gratitude Board

A gratitude board is every bit as personal as a gratitude journal. My board is full of random stuff that brings me joy. Here are some of the things you’ll find on mine:

  • Funny Video Clips
  • Products
  • Food/Drinks
  • Places
  • Sports
  • Games
  • Music
  • Hobbies
  • Movies
  • Clothes
  • Memes
  • Books
  • TV Shows
  • People
Henry Ward Beecher Quote

There you have it! A brand-new way to practice gratitude. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for Pinterest. If you decide to use Pinterest to practice gratitude, please share your board with me! These gratitude boards are so much fun to scroll through!



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