Cozy Master Bedroom Inspiration

Brandon (lovingly) calls our home the Weasley house. He’s right. Our current decor is a mishmash of uncoordinated hand-me-downs and cheap filler pieces. It doesn’t bother him, but the lack of natural flow and patchworked styles drive me up the wall. I crave cozy, intimate spaces.

This is why decorating made my list of 20 Mental Health Goals for 2020. Our environments have a direct impact on our wellbeing. Everything from lighting to color palette affects our moods. When things around the house are broken, our psyches take a hit. This is probably the reason I feel so compelled to update our living space… starting with the master bedroom.

Why Start With the Master Bedroom?

Our bedroom is a hot mess that doubles as our home office. The dresser is broken, and our bed is falling apart. What it lacks in storage, it makes up for in work clutter. No joke. The room is in desperate need of a complete overhaul.

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Designing a Cozy Master Bedroom

We rent our home, so some updates are out of the question. Luckily, we have beautiful wood floors and cream walls. This color scheme provides the perfect base for our bedroom makeover. I want to keep things light and airy with a neutral palette. Adding pops of color and warmth through accessories.

Before running out to buy new furniture, I did some pre-gaming on Amazon. Then I created a vision board to see how everything will tie together.

Cozy Master Bedroom

Take a Look at What I Found

Grey Upholstered Platform Bed

I’ve been obsessed with upholstered beds lately. They look so comfortable and inviting. I found a cute grey upholstered platform, and now I can’t stop daydreaming about leaning up against a padded headboard.

Weighted Comforter

Weighted comforters are supposed to be amazing for anxiety. They suppress cortisol, relieving stress. I have my eye on this white one, which would be easy to dress up with a pretty duvet.

Leather Throw Pillows

Cozy rooms can, sometimes, be a bit too feminine. Touches of leather provide a touch of masculinity and add a bit of warmth, balancing out cool tones. I love these faux leather throw pillows for this very reason.

Forest Prints

I never feel better than when I’m out in the woods surrounded by trees. Nature reduces the production of stress hormones. The same effect occurs when we look at nature scenes in photos. I found gorgeous forest prints and think they’d bring serenity to just about any space.

Modern Nightstands

A room can’t be cozy if it isn’t functional. For me, functionality includes having two nightstands. One for the hubby and his stuff, and another for me and mine. These modern nightstands have two drawers with ample storage, which is just what we need.

Black Sconces

I’m not a big fan of overhead lighting, LEDs, or CFLs. All of which can trigger anxiety. These black wall sconces would fix the lighting issue by creating pools of light over the nightstands. Throw some smart bulbs in them, and you’d be able to adjust the lighting for optimal relaxation.

Modern Dresser

The nightstands I found, have a matching dresser. The pieces are different enough not to feel like replicas of one another, which I love.

Ficus Tree + Fairy Lights

Many years ago, my mother-in-law had an artificial ficus tree in her living room. At night it was lit up with fairy lights and threw off a warm, cozy glow. A real ficus would look even better, but my cats can’t be trusted with potted plants.

Geometric Print Rug

Like many others who suffer from anxiety, I experience cold flashes. It can be 100 degrees outside, and suddenly I’m freezing. It’s even worse during the winter. I catch a chill, and it takes an act of God to warm me back up. It’s ridiculous. The cold hardwood floors don’t help any. This geometric print rug would provide the perfect barrier between my bare feet and the cold floor. I might layer a sheepskin on top of it at the foot of the bed, because seriously… what’s cozier than a sheepskin?

Modern Round Mirror 

Even during the day, our master bedroom can feel too dim. By strategically hanging a mirror directly across from a window, the mirror will reflect natural light making the room feel brighter. This modern round mirror would be perfect for the task.

Hanging Planters

Since my cats declare war on every plant they can reach, the only way to bring a little nature indoors is through hanging planters. This cute set is just what I need to add some live greenery to our room.

Rattan Tray

I can’t imagine a better start to a relaxing day than breakfast in bed. A rattan tray would be a sweet addition to any cozy master bedroom.

Eucalyptus Wreath

Okay, I’m obsessed with plants. I know, but you’ll never convince me that a eucalyptus wreath wouldn’t look incredible hanging over the bed!

I’m blown away by how beautiful it all looks. Now that it’s all planned out, I need to get some shopping done. I hope you found a little inspiration to help you decorate your own cozy space. I’ll be posting updates here on the blog and on Instagram, so keep an eye out!



P. S. How did I do? Did I nail your vision of a cozy master bedroom, or did I miss something? Let me know in the comment section below!

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