An Anxious Girl’s Guide to Skincare

Welcome back for the second edition of An Anxious Girl’s Guide! I had originally planned on this post being about going to the gym, but COVID-19 came along to destroy that plan. So today we’re going to be talking about skincare. Why? My skin is a total wreck this morning. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, anxiety is known to contribute to any number of skin conditions. And I’ve had my fair share of anxiety lately. Unfortunately, the stress is etching itself across my body in big red splotches.

To make matters worse, I have super sensitive skin. My OCD causes me to compulsively shower, creating dry skin and eczema. Eczema outbreaks lead to stress triggering my anxiety. It’s a cycle that I’m working hard to break. Luckily, I’ve been down this road enough times to know what works to get my skin back on track.

An Anxious Girl's Guide to Skincare


When it comes to skincare, I used to only think about face regimens. It wasn’t until I began getting eczema on my arms and chest that I started to realize, my body needs special care too. After a few trips to the allergist and dermatologist, I finally nailed down a routine that works.


Before products ever come into play, I up my water intake and plug in a humidifier. Hydrating from the inside and creating a little humidity in my home do wonders for my dull skin. If you need a humidifier, check out this one. It looks like it blends in with home decor seamlessly and has amazing ratings! It’s currently on my Amazon wish list.

Showering Schedule

After hydrating, I force myself to follow a strict showering schedule. I allow myself one lukewarm shower every other day. This is a difficult step for me because I compulsively shower in hot water when my anxiety is too intense. Do that four times a day, and your skin is completely stripped of its natural oils. It becomes dry, itchy, and miserable.


Since I have skin allergies and eczema, I use only skin-safe products. Here are my favorites:


After my shower, I pat myself dry (rubbing worsens irritation) with a towel, leaving a hint of water on my skin. Then I use Aveeno Daily Moisturizer from my neck down. I finish everything up by rubbing Vaseline on the soles of my feet before getting dressed.

The full process takes 45 minutes to an hour. Incorporating mindfulness into the routine helps prevent my thoughts from wandering. By the time I’m dressed, I am relaxed and content.


An Anxious Girl's Guide to Skincare

I wish my skincare routine ended after showering, but it doesn’t. When my nerves are on edge, I experience facial hives and/or eczema. It’s not a pretty sight and causes mini bouts of agoraphobia. It’s not worth the fall out to skimp on my daily skincare regimen. Keeping this in mind, I drag myself to the bathroom sink twice a day.

Morning Routine

I’d love to use all the expensive serums the other lifestyle bloggers are always raving about, but I can’t. I’m allergic to some pretty common additives in skin care products. This means my routine is as basic as it comes. Here’s what I use:

Bedtime Routine

My bedtime routine is basically the same as the morning, with a few small exceptions:

If I keep up my routines like I’m supposed to, my skin bounces back to its healthy glow in no time! Clear skin equals more confidence and less anxiety.



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