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What′s the Story Behind Your URL?

I chose the name Cozy in Carolina, because it’s a pretty accurate description of the lifestyle I strive to lead in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I suffer from severe anxiety, so I’m always looking for new ways to boost my comfort level.

Who Designed Your Blog?

I did! I’m a total computer geek. I learned HTML at 14 (thanks, Kim!). Then I taught myself SEO and CSS in my 20s. I’m good enough to tweak a frontend without any help and that’s really all I did for Cozy in Carolina. I found a template I liked and tweaked it until I was happy with the way it looked.

Who Takes Cozy in Carolina′s Photos?

Most of the photos on Cozy in Carolina were taken by yours truly. Those of me were taken by whichever one of my family members or friends didn’t mind putting up with my critiques that day. And a select few are stock photos, which I’m working on phasing out.

Do You Make Money From Your Blog?

Cozy in Carolina is set up to earn a profit through affiliates and/or sponsorship. If a brand sends a free product or sponsors any content, this will be clearly disclosed within the post. All opinions found on Cozy in Carolina are my own, regardless of sponsorship. I will not recommend any product/service I have not or would not purchase for myself.

What Blogs Do You Follow?

I follow a ton of other blogs, but my absolute favorites are: