9 Self-Care Gifts Your Mom will Love

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it couldn’t come at a better time! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but our moms are stressed. They’re working double-time to keep everything together. They are homeschooling for the first time, working from home, trying to keep the house in one piece, and making sure everyone around them is staying healthy during a pandemic. Our moms have never needed a break more than they do right now.

This Mother’s Day encourage your mom to spend a little time taking care of herself by buying her a self-care gift that inspires relaxation. Need some ideas? Here are 9 self-care gifts your mom will love!

Self-Care Gifts For Mom

9 Self-Care Gifts Your Mom Will Love

Give your mom an at-home spa day with the Mother’s Day Self-Care Box from Lattes & Lavender. Their Mother’s Day Self-Care box is the cutest, and it’s full of handmade, non-toxic, and locally sourced products! The boxes include milk bath, a sage smudging stick, a lotion bar, an essential oil roller, and lip balm. It’s an incredible deal for just $45! Make sure you place your orders soon, though, because the order cut off is May 5th.

If you were to poll American moms and ask what they want for Mother’s Day, I guarantee you that sleep would appear in the top 10 answers. Help your mom get her beauty rest with this silk pillowcase and eye mask set.

Get Out of My Head was written by Meredith Arthur, the brilliant mind behind Beautiful Voyager. The book is full of tips on how to handle stress, anxiety, and general overthinking. Your mom is sure to love this cute little book and all the stress-reducing tips it contains!

Let’s be honest, pajamas are the new loungewear during the pandemic. Get her these tie-dyed jammies, and she’ll happily spend Mother’s Day in relaxation mode.

Help your mom kick up the calmness with an Aromatherapy Diffuser. Her worries will melt away with the scent of lavender wafting through the air.

There’s not a mom in the world who doesn’t love to relax with a hot beverage. Whether she’s into tea or prefers coffee – she’ll love these cozy, handmade Timber Mugs by Papertown Pottery!

There’s something incredibly cozy about the warm light thrown off by a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Your mom will appreciate the ambiance every time she switches it on.

I know it’s getting warm, but let’s be real: your dad keeps the AC set low enough to cause freezer burn. The resulting arguments are making your mom tense! Get her a chunky arm-knitted throw blanket, and she’ll stop waging war over the thermostat.

If your mom needs a little extra help to relax, she’ll appreciate CBD Tinctures by Osiris Organics. All of the products made by Osiris Organics are broad-spectrum, THC free, and produced from organic hemp. Plus, they’re based right here in NC. Use my code cozyincarolina for 25% off and free shipping! The code is good through May!

No matter what you get your mom, don’t forget to tell her thank you. Gratitude works wonders to ease stress – for both of you!

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