20 Mental Health Goals For 2020

2019 was incredible, y’all! My family experienced so many blessings last year. I can’t help looking back with a grateful heart. We made new friends and went on awesome adventures. Part of me was sad to see it go, but only a small part. The rest of me is pumped about everything the future holds.

Lake Logan

2019 Adventures - Lake Logan

Surf City, North Carolina

2019 Adventures - Surf City

There’s so much to look forward to this year. Cozy in Carolina is all shiny and new. Bug gets her license, Belle starts competitive cheer, and I’ll be celebrating my 18th wedding anniversary with Brandon. We have several trips scheduled and some big plans to put into action. I’m giddy just thinking about all of it.

Looking forward

With all of this going on, I need to remember to take life slowly. One day at a time. Enjoy the here and now. When I get ahead of myself, I open the proverbial flood gates allowing anxiety to set in. One of the ways I plan on keeping myself calm this year is by setting mental health goals – and that’s what today’s post is about. Taking my healing journey one step further and setting goals to help me reach my destination.

Mental Health Goals for 2020:

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I. Positivity. 

I’m apprehensive about everything and expect the worst. When others feel excitement, I sink with dread. This negativity causes stress, anxiety, and panic. I’m done. Positive thinking equals less stress. Time to embrace optimism.

II. Declutter & Organize. 

They say a cluttered home breeds a busy mind. Apparently, there’s even evidence to back it up. Which doesn’t really surprise me. I tend to be calmer when my house is in order.

III. Garden.

There’s serenity in soil. No, really. There are happiness microbes in the soil. This is the perfect excuse to buy some pretty flowers and get a little dirty in the garden.

IV. Connect With A Higher Power.

For me, this means attending church. For others, it may mean meditation. Either way, positive religious beliefs bolster feelings of wellbeing.

V. Sleep Better. 

Sleep is important for mental health. I know this, and I still have the hardest time getting to sleep at a decent hour. It’s time to create healthy bedtime habits and enjoy some shut-eye.

VI. Travel.

I inherited a love of travel. Sadly, I’ve neglected this passion for years. Sticking to my comfort zone has prevented me from checking out new places and enjoying new experiences. I’m ready to tackle my travel anxiety and explore again.

VII. Decorate. 

I’m in a new place in my life. I want to surround myself with things I love. Things of beauty and joy.

VIII. Read. 

Reading does wonders for my anxiety. Books provide my mind with a stimulating distraction and put me in a state of complete calmness.

IX. Forgive.

I hold grudges. It’s ingrained in my hillbilly DNA. It’s exhausting carrying around all this hurt and anger. It’s time to let it go.

X. Set Boundaries.

I let people disturb my peace of mind. It’s not healthy, and it’s not worth it.

XI. Turn up. 

I’m talking about music here. Music has healing powers. Don’t believe me? Listen to Weightless mid-panic attack. It’s amazing.

XII. Hiking.

Nature therapy is the best kind of therapy. The forest is my happy place. I want to visit the trees every chance I get.

XIII. Keep a Schedule. 

Creating a schedule and sticking to a routine can help ease anxiety symptoms.

XIV. Exercise. 

Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. (Thank you, Elle Woods, for the life lesson.) It’s hard to be anxious with happy-making hormones flooding your system.

XV. Gratitude.

Life is full of blessings. I want to appreciate them.

XVI. Less Screen Time.

There are many things I want to do. Playing on my phone is not one of them.

XVII. Eat Clean.

I feel better when I’m ingesting less high fructose corn syrup and processed foods.

XVIII. Stop Comparing.

I’m 100% satisfied with my life, so why do I compare myself? It puts me in a negative mindset. It’s time to stop.

XIX. Self-Love.

For years I neglected myself. I avoided buying myself things. I quit going to the salon. This self-denial killed my self-esteem. I’m over it. Bring on the self-love!

XX. Celebrate.

Life is fleeting. I don’t want to spend my time focused on failures. I want to celebrate successes.

By setting mental health goals for the year to come, I’m hoping this year will be as full of growth and success as the last. Cheers, y’all – and happy belated New Years!



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