10 North Carolina Lifestyle Blogs You’re Going to Love

Last week I experienced a total burnout. Maybe it was the rain… or pushing myself to finally complete Cozy in Carolina’s makeover. Either way, my creativity was tapped. By Wednesday, I was in desperate need of inspiration. Which is how I ended up spending the last three days reading North Carolina lifestyle blogs. And believe me: there’s a lot of them.

The North Carolina blogging scene is ripe with talent. Some of the most famous bloggers in the country live here. Many of those are women. When it dawned on me that International Women’s Day is today, I knew I had to round up my favorite North Carolina lifestyle blogs to share with you.

10 of my Favorite North Carolina Lifestyle Blogs

Southern Curls and Pearls

If you’re talking about North Carolina lifestyle blogs, you have to start with Southern Curls and Pearls by Caitlin Covington. Caitlin has been blogging about fashion, beauty, travel, health, and her life in Winston-Salem for nine years now. Her blog is the epitome of feminine luxury – very pink and full of gorgeous images.

Caitlin is a soft-spoken, blogging powerhouse. She has accumulated a massive following, with 1M followers on Instagram alone. It’s easy to see why. She puts out phenomenal content and is a true inspiration.

I’m Fixin’ To

Meghan Grant of I’m Fixin’ To has been North Carolina’s personal cheerleader since 2013. Meghan writes about life in Raleigh and discusses everything from recipes to travel. She spotlights North Carolina by promoting locally made products and places. I’m a huge fan of her NC posts, which make her stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Life With Emily

I’ve been a follower of Life with Emily by Emily Wilkinson for years now and can’t get enough! The blog feels like home – radiating Southern class and charm. Emily writes about fashion, decor, reading, travel, and approaching motherhood. From her obsession with blue to her modest sense of style, this Greensboro blogger is Carolina to the bone.

Lauren Schwaiger

Lauren Schwaiger, with a dot com of the same name, is a blogger and realtor out of Charlotte. Her individuality is intoxicating and really shines through in her content. On Lauren’s blog, you’ll find posts about combat boots, mortgages, and getting braces as an adult. This blog is a refreshing casual-chic oasis amidst all the hyper girlie lifestyle sites on the internet.

Guac & Soul

I’ve been following Guac & Soul for a few months now. Blogger, Kat, is a Philly native living in Fayetteville. For the last two years, she’s written about her experiences as a mother, woman, and entrepreneur. From her very first post, she lets you know she’s not a blogger – and that’s what makes her blog so great.

Guac & Soul has an old school vibe, with a minimal layout and no image size standards. That’s not a knock on Kat’s style – it’s a compliment. Her content is real, raw, and relatable. It’s soul food.

Southern Style

Though Zelle Wiggins started Southern Style back in 2012, I’m only just now discovering the awesomeness of her site. Zelle is a boutique owner in Wilmington, and blogs about fashion, decor, and travel. Occasionally she drops a local post. These posts are what really drew me in, but Zelle’s sense of Southern style held my attention.

The Coffee Table

The Coffee Table blog by Anna Haddock is an eclectic compilation of posts, covering everything from style to wellness. The topics scream lifestyle, but this isn’t your typical lifestyle blog. You won’t find pink, feminine styles at The Coffee Table. Instead, Anna focuses on strong content and gorgeous moody imagery.

The Mrs. Tee

Tiffany Haywood of The Mrs. Tee is the Fayetteville area influencer. She is an award-winning blogger, wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Tiffany has an infectious passion for life that spills over into her blog, where she writes about everything. And I mean, EVERYTHING! Whether you’re looking for style posts or blog inspiration, you’ll find it on The Mrs. Tee.

The Tony Townie

I stumbled upon The Tony Townie by Brooke Williams a couple of weeks ago and was instantly addicted. Brooke is a professional stylist from Asheville. She writes about fashion, decor, travel, and life in her hometown. Her blog is clean and modern – but full of charm.

Pretty in the Pines

Pretty in the Pines by Shelby Vanhoy is probably my all-time favorite of North Carolina lifestyle blogs. For six years she has shared her love of decor, style, and travel with the world. I was totally bummed when she traded Raleigh for NYC last month. I lost my casual Carolina Girl spirit animal, but New York City gained an incredible content creator.

If you’re all about the laidback life, you’ll adore Pretty in the Pines. Shelby gravitates towards neutral, casual styles – in both her home decor and fashion sense. She’s open about her experiences and incredibly personable. Though she’s not in North Carolina anymore, she’s still an incredible blogger who calls NC home.


So what are your favorite North Carolina lifestyle blogs? Drop me a comment and let me know! I’d love to check them out. 😉



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